How It Works

  • 1. KIMBOL APP Install

    Install the KIMBOL APP from Google PlayStore.
    Get it onGoogle play
  • 2. Create Your Account

    Create your account by clicking Sign Up Now and fill the form with your details. The fields Referrer Name, Referrer Phone should be of the person who shared this opportunity with You.
  • 3. Log In

    Sign in to the KIMBOL APP and check the 'Read Me' section for further instructions on how to work with the KIMBOL APP.

3 Simple Steps

You can start making money in no time

  • Step 1: Refer The Buyers

    Start referring buyers for all our products/services in the catalogue (Your get to start with the first product - Kimbol Mobiles, in the 'Mobiles' Section of Catalogue).

  • Step 2: Build Your Referral Network

    Share the KIMBOL APP with as many people as possible to build your referral network, make sure the fields 'Referrer Name' and 'Referrer Phone' are filled with your details.

  • Step 3: Manage Your Team

    Manage your teams on a daily basis, by creating your profile and your downline profiles on our '' section in the KIMBOL APP.


What products could i sell?
You Can Sell All our Listed Products/Services in the App. Most of our Products/Services are High Value Goods/Services, which inturn makes you more commissions.
Do I need to do any sales/marketing? What's my role/designation?
The Designation of our Associates is 'Referral Manager' - means the person who refers buyers. You don't have to do any Sales/Marketing - Your work is just to Refer buyers on Kimbol App. We have separate Sales/Marketing department to do the Sales. So Your work is simple, just referring Buyers in Kimbol App and on deal closures you are paid commissions.
How much is the commission amount that I earn through referrals? How do I get paid?
Commissions Vary based on Products/Services/Geography. So, we cannot disclose the exact details, since it is strategic for our business. All Commissions are paid by Cheques/online transfers after appropriate tax deductions.
Is this MLM?
This is NOT AN MLM opportunity.
What are you upto?
Our Vision is to build the KIMBOL as a formidable Global Brand, which can support many needy families worldwide attain financial freedom and enriching life, therefore we are building KIMBOL as the World's No.1 and Biggest - Global Ecommerce Referral Network