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The Concept

A Simple Idea That Works In Your Favor. Always!

Everyone is a buyer/consumer of products and services. You, your friends, relatives, anyone you know and everyone you don't know. That makes Billions of us. And then there are companies which manufacture or provide products or services to the buyers/consumers.

Now you can have the KIMBOL APP installed right to your device and refer buyers/consumers to these products / services and earn referral commissions. The commissions will be paid out to you on successful purchases by your referral. What's more !! You also get to earn when your referred buyer/consumer refers another person thereby helping you build your referral network to magnify your income multiple times.

And there are thousands of products to choose from. Moreover, as we are constantly growing, we will continue to add more and more products and services to our huge list of catalogue. This means there would be an endless list of products and services that you or your network could refer which could eventually lead to you earning a six figure income.

Prime Features

We consistently worked on the idea so we could bring you the best of the features.

  • Plug n Play

    Simply download the KIMBOL APP and start referring. You can use your referral link anywhere.

  • Affordable Cost

    ('All Donations Accepted, as per Your Capabilities' as Membership to Kimbol App, per person account per Year. All Global Payments Accepted.)

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    Book a KIMBOL mobile phone, as per your budget and start a Global Business with KIMBOL. Learn more about Kimbol Mobile Phones.

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  • Huge Marketplace.

    There are thousands of products to choose from.


Start Now

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The earlier you start, the faster you get to grow your buyer and referral network. Of course there will be a hard work required initially, but the results will be ten folds. There is a possibility of exponential growth to help you achieve your financial ambition and worry free life.

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With Kimbol Opportunity.

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Lifestyle of the Elite.

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